Gold Is Worth $700, But A Correction Is Unlikely In The Short-Term

by on 2011/09/04

Gold Is Worth 0, But A Correction Is Unlikely In The Short-Term
Without question gold has a long history of monetary use. Gold coins and silver coins were commonly used. After the invention of banking, bank notes that could be exchanged for physical gold were used as money. But is gold money today? ...
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Golden Age
The South African Krugerrand, first minted in 1967, is far and away the most widely minted gold coin. It contains one ounce of pure gold, though it's actual weight is slightly greater — 1.09 ounces, the balance being copper. ...

The gold rush is on again
According to Cory Deitz at, Goldline's average markup is 90 percent above a coin's melt value. Most of the GCCs (Gold Coin Crooks) in Indianapolis will sell you the same coin with a 50-percent markup over melt value. ...
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